When we move from one home to another, it is considered one of the great stressors in life. So when we move from one office to another, or one building to another, it too is a significant amount of work, coordination and stress.

Many commercial clients find that moving into new space is a bigger project than they can manage on their own. Broxton Design and Development is a premier move management provider in the greater Denver area.

What is move management?

Move management is more than two guys, boxes and a moving truck. It is meeting with department heads to understand the critical work functions that need to continue without a hitch. It is making sure all the required furniture, fixtures, accessories and supplies make it from point A to point B to allow a seamless work flow. Move management is essentially the creation of a plan and the strategic implementation of that plan when moving a commercial space.

There are 3 main components of move management

  1.       Project Planning & Feasibility Studies

This includes strategic planning on the new space including what the needs are, block plans, auditing the existing and future space, programming & work flow analysis, budgeting and timeline.

  1.       Commercial Interior Design

Taking stock of current and future furniture and needs, reviewing corporate standards, culture, and continuity for décor, finishes, furniture, signage and more. It can also include working with remodel and construction crews to create the right spacial needs.

  1.       Move Management & Decommissioning

Handling vendors, including disposal and donation coordination, moving day(s) supervision, project management of the budget and timeline. Site coordination at both locations is critical to make the move be as smooth as possible.

Benefits of using a move management firm

  1.       Communication

In move management projects, Broxton Design and Development begins by meeting with department heads and key people and keeps communication flowing through the entire length of the project. Changes can happen more often in transitions such as a commercial move, from changes in staff to vendor requirements and more. One point of contact who oversees the project allows for better communication and flow.


  1.       Workflow

The main goal of move management is to limit or eliminate workflow downtime. Business needs to continue to run, and it needs to run as smoothly as possible. Phones need to work, deliveries need to arrive and be sent, and employees require equipment to do their jobs. Move management ensures the most critical components of business can continue without missing a beat.


  1.       Cost Efficiency

The disruption of workflow is the biggest cost. The next biggest costs can be in wasting time. If the right equipment is not in place, or there is not enough of it or it’s not laid out effectively, this can cost time and money. Fixtures can be lost, damaged or misplaced but move management coordinates the “puzzle pieces” so both the space that is being left behind and the new space are taken care of.


  1.       Organization

Furniture and asset identification and tagging and warehouse or other inventory being moved, requires a high level of organization. IT, phones, cabling and more needs to be set up correctly for all users. These tasks are all part of the big picture of move management that require know how, detail orientation and a high level of organization.

Let’s get your commercial Denver business on the move to a more efficient workspace.

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