Questions are so important for building understanding, creating expectations and building trust. They are critical in communication. With this in mind, I have created the 5 Questions You Must Ask Your Interior Designer List.

When you contact me, feel free to ask me these questions and I will answer them with honesty and passion as I can not wait for us to work together on your residential or commercial interior design project.

  1.   How do you charge as an interior designer?

Designers typically charge one of three ways: hourly, flat rate or by room mark-up. It is important to know how they charge. You can read about the differences in this blog.

Along with this question, are the companion questions, how do I pay and when is payment due?

  1.   What is your background in interior design?

Discovering the designers abilities to complete your specific project are important. You will want to make sure their style matches your vision. Ask for pictures and references for past work. You want to be sure they can produce the results you are looking for.

  1.   What is the cost for my interior design project?

You should have a budget of what you want to spend, and your designer should be able to give you a ballpark on the project. Once the budget is approved and you are able to move forward, more specific pricing can be provided.

  1.   Are there any discounts for your interior design service?

Many times designers have access to special pricing not available to the regular consumer. They can pass a portion of these discounts on, but understand, this is one way designers pay for their time. Typically, you will avoid paying retail pricing when purchasing from the designer, so it is a win-win scenario.

  1.   What is the expected timeframe to complete our interior design project?

Timeframes all depend on the amount of work you need done. It also can depend on the availability of the products you desire. Shipping and installation can cause delays, especially when the timing of one item is required before the project can move forward. Ask about potential delays and how to avoid them, if this is important.

I can’t wait to get started on our interior design project.


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