Every professional at one time or another, wishes their clients knew things about their industry. Mechanics wish you performed regular auto maintenance, dentists wish you flossed daily. So what do interior designers wish for from their clients? The following is a list of the 5 questions they crave you would ask.

  1.   Am I being clear in how I am describing this interior design project?

The success of the project depends very much on you being clear about what the space is to be used for. Communicate if something isn’t matching your expectation, before the project is done.

  1.   Am I being realistic in my interior design goals?

You want to dream big and your designer wants to fulfill those dreams. But, if you are asking for marble countertops and hand scraped hardwood floors and offer a budget of $200, your designer will need to walk you through a more realistic action plan. If you aren’t being realistic, the designer can help you get clear about what you really want and need, and maybe it’s just not the right time to work together.

  1.   How much of my life will I need to put on hold while you work with me on our interior design project?

Renovations require some level of sacrificing personal space while the project is being completed. Ask more about the timeframe including the accommodations that may need to be made. If you are without a kitchen countertop or sink, how will you prepare meals? These are important to get clear on to help you plan and reduce frustration.

  1.   Are there any other contract obligations I need to know about?

Having a contract is important for accountability. When both you and the designer understand roles, responsibilities, timelines, budgets, style and more, it is a lot easier to keep things on track.

  1.   Can you make it look like this?

Pictures of projects that you really like are very helpful to the designer. They will guide the style and reduce misunderstandings and purchases that just don’t work for you. Start clipping photos of those design elements you love, as well as those you hate. Share them with the designer before you begin the project.

Of course, there are also questions you should ask your designer and you can read those HERE.

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